8 wonderfully useless office gadgets

8 wonderfully useless office gadgets-01

There’s so much focus these days on inventing items which will make our lives easier. Those inventions or gadgets that succeed are hailed as miracles and are showered in 5-star ratings and ‘Which?’ awards. The Dyson Cordless Vac for example has made its way to number 1 on my Christmas list. Me, a 25 year old girl wants a cordless vacuum for Christmas…

But, what about the ‘unsung hero’ office gadgets? You know, the ones that are completely useless but they 100% serve their purpose. Well, fear no more, here we give the best, useless office gadgets the exposure they deserve.

1. Funslide carpet skates

fun slide carpet

Make a head-turning entrance to your next in-office meeting by sliding your way in with these Funslide Carpet Skates. We would definitely suggest practicing at home with them to perfect your entry, you don’t want to look a fool and slip over of course. This travel gadget exceeds it’s uselessness status even further when you don’t even have carpet in your office! Slide safely people!

2. Keyboard food table

keyboard food table

A great way of adding some more dimension to your desk. This little gadget sits over the top of your keyboard and allows you to rest your snacks, meals and beverages without taking up valuable desk space. Handily, this mini table is see-through so you can still see what you type… that is until you put things on the table, then seeing what you type becomes a problem as well as seeing the screen if the table is too high. But other than that, take your meals to another level with the keyboard food table!

3. USB heating slippers

usb heated slippers

Cold feet are now a thing of the past with USB heated slippers. Sit in the luxury of warm tootsies as you tick off the tasks on your to do list. Just don’t forget to take them off your feet when you get up to move away from your desk otherwise that could be a bit of a catastrophe.

4. Magnetic balls

magnetic balls

It’s in the name, these are balls that are magnetic. Stick them together, pull them apart, see how close to each other you can get them before they attract together. Build magnetic ball sculptures, write messages or just roll them around your desk. It will take you back to school science lessons when you were younger and also probably not really paying attention to your work!

5. GIANT Paperclip

giant paperclip

Really useful for all the giant papers you have to clip together. If you don’t have any giant papers then you just get to use an oversized paperclip to group together normal sized documents. The only down side is that a giant paperclip isn’t very easily stored on your desk for easy access, unless you have a giant desk that is.

6. Xtensor hand exerciser

hand excersizer

Have you ever wanted a really strong hand? Yes… then look no further! The Xtensor hand exerciser can be used whilst you are sitting at your desk to get your muscles flexing and build up your hand strength. Flex on the phone, whilst you’re making your morning cuppa or even in those Monday morning staff meetings. Just think of all those jars you will be able to open with ease with your super-strong hand!

7. USB Chainsaw

usb chainsaw

It is exactly what it says. A tiny chainsaw that is USB powered. We’re not at all sure when exactly you would use this, any suggestions would be welcome. All we can say to this is hmm…

8. 360 degree pen

360 degrees pen

Welcome to pen spin city…wooohooo. For those times when your head is spinning, why not get your pen spinning too with some 360 degree rotating action from the 360 Degree Pen. A great little way to procrastinate and see how many consecutive spins you can achieve. You could even set yourself daily targets, then actually use the pen to note them down! So efficient hey?!

So there you have it, some completely useless office gadgets to help you succeed in procrastinating at work. And here’s a heads up, why not use this as office Secret Santa inspiration? Your colleagues probably won’t thank you, but at least you won’t need to worry about what you need to buy!

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