Favourite client to work for – Wembley Stadium

Wembley Favourite Client-01

Drum roll…

“Favourite TempTribe Client To Work For”, as voted by our staff, is: Delaware North at Wembley Stadium!

We recently asked our fantastic hospitality staff to vote for a client that they particularly enjoyed working for. Wembley Stadium received the highest number of votes meaning they win a well-deserved title of “Favourite TempTribe Client To Work For”. 

What makes Wembley Stadium the best place to work?

Here are just some of the awesome thoughts and comments that TempTribe staff had about working at Wembley:


“Great Team Leaders, easy sign in process, best venue.”

“They are friendly and always willing to help you.”

“I actually enjoy myself when I am working!”

“I get on well with the majority of the staff there and I am always made to feel welcome no matter where I work.”

“Nice, supportive environment.”

“All the staff are friendly and it has a wonderful work environment.”


A huge thanks to all of our staff who voted and well done to staffing managers at Delaware North at Wembley Stadium for providing such a great work environment!

Love working at Wembley or want to give this venue a go? There are many events coming up in August – check them out on your TempTribe account and apply! 

So close!

There were two clients who deserve a special mention as they received LOTS of votes, just not quite enough to win… this time! 😉

#2 – Royal Horticultural Halls

royal horticultural halls

“All staff and managers are friendly. They provide a warm and kind atmosphere at work.”

“Very cool managers, well organised and fun events.”

“Long shifts over 8 hours.”

“The managers trust you to get on with the work and always remember your name.”

“They’re professional in what they do.”

#3 – Fortnum and Mason

the-diamond-jubilee-tea-salon fortnum and mason

“Managers are very nice, welcoming and supportive”

“Timelessly elegant… and the hardest working staff and management in the industry.”

“The staff are very respectful, the duties are clearly explained to you before the start of the shift and of course I like the higher pay :)”

“Best managers, best staff food”

“Well-organised, friendly people and good pay rate”


A big well done to “Temptribe’s Favourite Clients to Work For” as voted by our staff! Thank you for setting an excellent example and making the hospitality industry more attractive for workers.

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