Promotional Staff for The Body Shop

We were all happy bunnies about this exciting campaign – literally!

Body Shop Bunnies on bus

Promotional staff from TempTribe celebrated with Body Shop the complete ban on the sale of cosmetics developed through animal testing in the EU!

Whitewater Communications approached our promotional agency to hire some of our fun and enthusiastic promo staff to work on a campaign for the Body Shop.

Promotional staff from TempTribe were dressed as cute bunny rabbits! Throughout the day, Happy Bunnies from TempTribe were on a Body Shop bus being dropped off at different locations across London.

Bunnies from our promotions agency were celebrating the new law against testing cosmetics on animals and spreading the joy whilst visiting lots of London attractions including Tower Bridge and The Shard. They also visited the teams at Marie Claire and Hearst Magazines who were happy to engage in the celebrations.

Happy bunnies from TempTribe promotional agency attracted a lot of attention from the crowds and helped Body Shop spread the good news and celebrate!

They managed to make our clients happy bunnies too! “The staff were brilliant and the feedback from our client (Body Shop) was great. We will definitely be calling on you again for our next promotion.” Andrew Coles, Whitewater Communications.

Body Shop Bunnies with cake

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