Hotel Staff at The Connaught Hotel

Hotel staff from TempTribe at The Connaught Hotel.

The Connaught is a 5 star luxury hotel in Mayfair that encompasses modern artistic design while saving its heritage and history. Our hotel staff work in 2 departments of this fantastic venue: Espelette Restaurant – an informal brasserie setting, great for relaxing and enjoying afternoon tea; and the Connaught bar – an ultra-stylish Mayfair bar that offers mind-blowing cocktails that are a mix of heritage and innovation.

We are delighted to assist yet another fantastic London hotel with our services, even more so that our staff are pleased with the management and work environment at The Connaught:

“I’m really happy to work at The Connaught. The team is wonderful and very kind. The manager is a nice person and very professional! I’ll be happy to work there again and again.” – Rositsa, Event Staff member from TempTribe.


The Connaught Hotel

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