Event Staff at the FRIENDS Fest

The one with the event staff from TempTribe.

World-famous American TV sitcom ‘Friends’ turned 21. Can you believe it?! To celebrate being the exclusive home for the show for another 4 years, TV channel Comedy Central created the replica set of the most iconic Friends scenes.

Event staff from TempTribe were on set welcoming guests to scenes of Central Perk, Monica’s Apartment and the water fountain which the cast goof around in during the intro credits. Our cloakroom attendants greeted the super-fans, bar staff engaged with the guests and floor staff were on site to manage guests’ ‘Friends’ experience. Event staff from TempTribe were also overseeing the photo booth and taking pictures of visitors in the different sitcom sets.

Our staff loved every minute of their time working over the 4-day event and were so grateful to visit the ‘FriendsFest’ which tickets to sold out within 13 minutes. Could TempTribe staff BE any luckier?!


friends fest monicas apartment


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